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1100€ excl. VAT Royalty + 100€ charges = 1200€ excl. VAT / 1440€ incl. VAT

General conditions for the provision of services rendered to the ALTURA center

Regular users of the ALTURA Center sign a contract which precisely defines their obligations. In particular, they undertake to respect the internal regulations relating in particular on the respect necessary for the tranquility of the place and the professional use that must be made of it. Under the insurance contract taken out by the service provider, the user is advised that his rental liability is insured. Consequently, he waives all recourse against the service provider. He also confirms that his civil liability resulting from the operation of his organization is duly ensured elsewhere. The user agrees to pay all of the services incurred before the start of said services. Occasional users of the ALTURA center undertake to respect the usual rules for this type of service provision of which they confirm that they have taken cognizance by paying the invoice which they is presented prior to the implementation of the service. - The use of a room and the internet network is reserved for normal professional use in particular respecting the rules of law and usage in terms of good morals and security. The number of people welcomed by the user cannot therefore exceed the figures indicated by the owner. - The reservation of a room is acquired and confirmed only after payment by the beneficiary of the invoice presented to him. In the event of cancellation by the beneficiary, the latter will remain liable for a penalty to the service provider, which will be 100% in the event of cancellation less than seven calendar days before the scheduled date and 50% in other cases. - The service provider's insurance cannot cover the disappearance or theft of equipment or recipient's equipment. Similarly, in the event of an accident occurring to the beneficiary or to one of its guests when using a service offered by ALTURA, the responsibility of the owner can not be engaged. - The beneficiary must return the space occupied and the equipment used in the state in which it was given to him. handed over. He undertakes to take responsibility for the damage or degradation caused by a misuse or inappropriate behavior.

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